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Western Development Museum

Step back in time and explore a bygone era at the Western Development Museum. The Western Development Museum is truly a unique destination. The Western Development Museum recreates the past and allows visitors to become a piece of history.

Western Development Museum celebrates the innovative enduring spirit of early pioneers and features an impressive scale of exhibits. The Western Development Museum in Saskatoon features a dazzling boomtown exhibit that recreates the rush of development in the 1900's Saskatchewan. Fortune seeking pioneers headed out west and towns sprouted up overnight. This impressive exhibit features a charming pioneer created town featuring over thirty buildings. A charming blacksmith shop showcases talented craftsman who demonstrate how everything from horseshoes and wagon wheels were crafted from molten metal. The Western Development Museum features a replica frontier general store and royal mounted police officer building and frontier jail. Visitors can have their picture taken in period costumes at the Boomtown photo studio. Guests can enjoy a bite to eat in a frontier replica Boomtown cafe.

The Western Development Museum stands out as a shining example in historical exhibits. Instead of placing artifacts behind glass, The Western Development Museum brings history to life and allow visitors to interact with another world. The Western Development Museum is a truly unique and memorable experience that transforms history into a memorable experience.

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