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Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Travel to the world of Canada's First Nations indigenous people at Saskatoon's Wanuskewin Heritage Park. A non-profit and historical preservation, The Wanuskewin celebrates and protects six thousand years of Wanuskewin history.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park is a fantastic destination to celebrate nature, wildlife and Canadian native history. Wanuskewin Heritage Park is an expansive destination that incorporates a restaurant, tourist locale, nature trails, wildlife preserve, archaeological digs and cultural center. Visitors can stop in the museum and art exhibition to view timeless artifacts and learn about the history of Canada's native tribes. From guided tours to solo explorations, Wanuskewin Heritage Park offers dynamic experiences to locals and visitors from around the world. Visitors to Wanuskewin Heritage Park can enjoy native dances and ceremonies, presenting an intimate look into thriving culture. Meander along mesmerizing nature trails, admire wildlife and soak up the natural beauty of Canada at Wanuskewin Heritage Park.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park offers dynamic events and nature trails for every magical season. Whether you're strolling a picturesque trail, enjoying a bison dish, visiting the museum, participating in an archaeological dig, or joining in a native dance, The Wanuskewin Heritage Park is a memorable destination. Instead of reading history, experience it first hand and become a part of Canada's rich natural history.

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