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University of Saskatchewan Observatory

Travel to the cosmos and unlock the secrets of the universe at the University of Saskatchewan's Observatory. This stunning observatory open to the public showcases the northern sky and illuminates the wonders of the universe.

Gaze into the abyss, take a tour of the cosmos, or adopt a star to call your own at your next trip to The University of Saskatchewan's stunning observatory. Constructed in 1930, the observatory is a scientific center for astronomical study and features a refracting telescope that illuminates stars, galaxies, comets, star clusters and nebulae. The friendly staff will showcase various astronomical phenomenon and present a fascinating educational show that explores the fabric of the universe. Explore the observatory's museum and take a tour of the solar system and beyond. Visitors will learn about our solar system, the galaxies beyond and even explore the mystery of black holes.

Visitors to the observatory can adopt a star of their own and the donation funds provide scientific equipment to the observatory, students and further scientific endeavors. For your next trip journey into the staggering world of the cosmos and return with a little piece of the galaxy.

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