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University of Saskatchewan Natural Sciences Museum

If the University of Saskatchewan Natural Sciences Museum draws such a huge number of visitors every year it's only because the museum serves a teaching resource. Designed to outline evolution throughout geological time, the museum offers an integrated learning environment with displays of living plants, animals, fossils, rocks and minerals. A working seismograph is also put on display in an hallway located adjacent to the museum building.

The diversity of the geological and biological sciences is well illustrated by the museum, which came into being on account of the combined efforts of the Departments of Biology and Geological Sciences. Incidentally, the College of Arts and Science, found in 1908, is the largest and most dynamic college on the University of Saskatchewan's campus. It's quite amazing to note how the enrollment went up from a mere 70 students at the time of its inception to an impressive 8,000 now. Also, the College of Arts and Science, the oldest college of University of Saskatchewan, is among the very few colleges in Canada to combine arts and college courses.

Planning a tour to the Natural Sciences Museum is, by all means, a great idea.

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