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University of Saskatchewan Geological Museum

The University of Saskatchewan celebrates the geological wonders and Canada's rich natural history at the Geological Museum. Visitors to this mesmerizing museum chronicles the natural history of the Saskatchewan region with an impressive collection of fossils and modern science exhibits.

The Geological museum was created from the biology and geological sciences of the University of Saskatchewan departments. The Museum features a fascinating array of historical fossils, rocks and minerals showcasing the unique diversity of the Canadian landscape. From dinosaur bones to tiny fossils, this museum provides a fascinating chapter of geological history. The Geological Museum showcases an exhibit that chronicles the geological evolution of the earth and Saskatchewan region. Interactive exhibits solicit participation from the visitors and gets children and visitors of all ages engaged in science. The Geological Museum features a working seismograph that demonstrates the geological powers still at work in the area.

The Geological Museum is a dynamic museum that celebrates science, geology, history and the hard work of the dedicated university students. A fascinating look back in time, The Geological Museum is a mesmerizing destination to appreciate the Earth's raw power and beauty and celebrates forces that continue to shape our world today.

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