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Ukrainian Museum

Reconnect to Canada's diverse past and add a mesmerizing touch of culture to your day at the Ukrainian Museum in Saskatchewan, Canada. This unique museum showcases the influence of Ukrainian heritage on modern Canadian culture. A non profit organization, The Ukrainian Museum offers visitors a unique insight into a forgotten chapter of Canada's past.

The Ukrainian Museum was founded in 1936 and was the first museum of its kind in Canada dedicated to preserving the unique Ukrainian heritage. The Ukrainian Museum houses an impressive treasure trove of unique artifacts illustrating the beautiful traditions of Ukrainian culture. This fascinating collection chronicles the journey of Canada's early immigrants from Ukraine to the Canadian territories. The artifact collection displays a spellbinding array of ethnic textiles, wood carvings, shoes, bead work, embroidery, jewelry and Ukrainian decorative Easter eggs. The Ukrainian Museum also houses an impressive library that includes a staggering ten thousand books in Ukrainian and English. The library features a monumental archive stocked full of antique photographs, family histories, geological records and documents.

The Ukrainian Museum provides a fascinating window into diverse history of Canada. Visitors can marvel at delicate detailed embroidery, ancient religious artifacts and learn how the history of Canada was shaped by this remarkable cultural movement.

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