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Saskatoon International Raceway

If you have been on the lookout for a great time at a raceway near Saskatoon, take a look at Saskatoon International Raceway. Saskatoon International Raceway, built in 1986, is Western Canada’s oldest drag strip.

Saskatoon International Raceway offers a safe legal alternative to street racing and brings lovers of the sport together in one location with the introduction of the Street Legal Program. What the Street Legal Program does is it allows all street racers, within the legal age, bring their vehicle of choice to the tracks and race against others. This allows family and friends to come together to see who’s car is better or who is the better racer, all while doing it in a legal setting. Furthermore, the Saskatoon International Raceway is all about safety first, and by providing this raceway, it allows racers to race in safety without endangering pedestrians and provide a safe way for people to view the event.

So if you are a drag race lover or just love to spectate street racing then come visit the Saskatoon International Raceway as it provides everything a street racer enthusiast wants and needs with safety and legality in mind. Lovers of the sport will find much love and appreciation at the raceway knowing that they will be surrounded by many others with the same passion for their hobby. |Love the work, was fun and interesting.

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