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Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum was founded in 1990. The Museum is located on the Pike Lake Highway just west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on seven acres at the intersection of mile 2.9 of the CN Rosetown Subdivision and Highway 60.

The museum is governed by a volunteer board of directors and is open during the summer months from the May long weekend to the September long weekend and by appointment on other days. Memberships in the Association are available by contacting the board.

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum is staffed by summer students and volunteers. These dedicated members provide tours for the public and undertake various restoration projects. In the off-season, museum members keep busy working behind the scenes, holding an annual general meeting and beginning preparations for the spring opening on the May long weekend.

CP S3 Locomotive #6568 is one of the original pieces of equipment donated to the museum in 1987. This unit is sure to become the flagship of the museum, due to both its size and its importance as the original unit donated to the museum.

This former Canadian Pacific S-3 # 6568 was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW)to the designs of the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) in 1957. Retired by the CPR in 1985 and acquired by the Museum in 1987. 6568 is an ALCO model S-3 diesel electric switcher. It is equipped with a six cylinder 660 horsepower McIntosh and Seymour series 539 diesel engine that drives a General Electric main generator that in turn provides 600 volts DC to four traction motors, one on each axle.

Known as “switchers”, these small 600 hp locomotives were used primarily for switching grain cars around terminals and pulling other small loads. They had a reputation as a sturdy and reliable locomotive. When assigned to the railway museum, the S3 came in the 1970’s CP colours of red, white and black. Museum volunteers decided to return the unit to the original CP colours of Tuscan CP Red (maroon), grey, black, with yellow handrails.

Restoration began in earnest in 2001. First, the unit was sand blasted, thanks to Bandit Blasting and Painting of Saskatoon, with scaffolding provided by Steeplejack Services. Next, two coats of grey primer, supplied by International Paints, were applied. Painting the S3 proved to be a mammoth task. Painting outdoors, in sometimes inclement conditions, coupled with 8 hour drying times for each colour, proved too much to complete the project in 2001.

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