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Persephone Theatre

For travelers or tourist that have been looking for something to see and do in Saskatoon, look no further than the Persephone Theatre.

The Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon is a culturally rich theatre that has frequent plays and shows that is likely to entertain guest of all age and background. The great glass-front building holds a 421 seat main stage theatre and a side threat of about 100 seats. Its luscious d├ęcor and interior design greatly compliments the plays it holds and will instantly grab the attention of all attendants.

The Persephone Theatre also contains a rich background that will greatly appease any history bluff that wants to know the history behind some a magnificent theatre. For starters, the theatre was named after the daughter of the Greek god Zeus and Demeter. Just like her mother, Persephone was considered a deity of fertility and vegetation. A name very much appropriate for this particular theatre as it much of the Persephone Theatre has grown since its founding in 1974 and it shows very much in both its new plays and reproduce versions of classes plays.

There is a lot the Persephone Theatre has to offer to travels or tourist in the area. Next time you are in Saskatoon, stop by at the Persephone Theatre and experience the richness in culture that this theatre has to offer.

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