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Mendel Art Gallery

Celebrate Canadian artists at Saskatoon's picturesque Mendel Art Gallery and conservatory. An intimate art gallery featuring dynamic changing visits is settled against the beautiful backdrop of the South Saskatchewan River.

The Mendel Art Gallery is the perfect destination to enjoy modern art and admire the beauty of nature. The Mendel Art Gallery features a beautiful conservatory with floral displays and fountain for visitors to enjoy a little haven of nature. The conservatory is a stunning natural landscape that includes a vibrant display of seasonal flowers, orchids and exotic tropical plants. New blooms unfold each month and create a beautiful changing landscape.

The Mendel Art Gallery was established in 1964 and designed to celebrate modern art. The Mendel Art Gallery features new artists and exhibits throughout the year providing a unique and dynamic experience each time you visit. Guests can stroll through the gallery or take a guided tour through the gallery. The Mendel Art Gallery also features a charming coffee shop filled with scrumptious pastries.

The Mendel Art Gallery celebrates the vibrancy of the community and celebrates the art, nature and community in an intimate setting that will delight visitors of all ages. Inspire your imagination and add a little cultural excitement to your life and make The Mendel Art Gallery your next destination in Saskatoon.

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