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The Meewasin Valley Authority

The Meewasin Valley Authority is involved in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage resources. Meewasin deals with programs and projects in the river valley. These programs are related to education, development and conservation.

The Meewasin Valley Trail offers recreation and sightseeing facilities for everyone throughout the year. The tourists visiting this place can Cycle, jog and enjoy a casual stroll through beautifully landscaped parks and natural areas. Cross-country skiing is popular during the winter months. Skating is also carried in Kiwanis Memorial Park. There are access points are found throughout the city with interpretive signs and washrooms located along the route. This program includes grazing, controlled burns, seeding and mowing. The planting of sod and wildflower plugs and assault on species is carried out.

Meewasin offers a category of education programs, which promote conservation of the natural and cultural heritage resources of the valley. This thus facilitates the use and enjoyment of the resources. It allows the public to experience and learn about them. These programs include celebrations, river festivals, in-services, Trail Ambassadors, canoe tours, and partnering with other education and conservation organizations who have similar goals. A tour in The Meewasin Valley is a must recommended for all the tourists.

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