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Gordie Howe Park

Gordie Howe Park is a gorgeous campground located in Saskatoon. It offers visitors to one of Saskatchewan's most popular tourist destinations a tranquil view of the natural beauty the city has to offer. Families can enjoy the green fields and flowerbeds, explore the forestry and shrubbery the park has to offer, have a nice afternoon barbeque in the sun, or enjoy a spring picnic in the shade.

The campsite can accommodate all types of shelters, form RVs and motorhomes to tents and canopies, as well as plenty of privacy for those who want to experience nature in a more peaceful surrounding. The park has staff on-site 24/7, and Saskatoon offers plenty of more civilized diversions, from shopping to fine dining and more.

Outdoor lovers will have no shortage of activities to choose from, whether it's enjoying the Saskatoon Zoo, visiting the Riversdale Pool or playing a round or two at the famous Holiday Park Golf Course. So if you're looking for somewhere to set up camp during your summer vacation, look no further than Gordie Howe Park in beautiful Saskatoon!

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