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Diefenbaker Canada Centre

Open a chapter in Canada's history and explore the Diefenbaker Canada Centre in Canada. A museum, exhibit, archives and research center in Canada, The Diefenbaker Canada Centre celebrates the influential legacy of Canada's prime minister, John G. Diefenbaker.

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre features cultural exhibits that chronicle significant events in Canadian history and is a fascinating destination to learn more about Canadian history. The Diefenbaker Canada Centre features a variety of exhibits that chronicle the entire life of John G. Diefenbaker and his dedication to human rights. The museum chronicles Diefenbaker's steps to celebrating Canada's first nations peoples and his views against nuclear weapons. The Diefenbaker Canada Centre hosts a fascinating exhibit dedicated to The Canadian Bill of Rights. Visitors are inspired to interpret the Bill of Rights in respect to their own community and how they can personally play a roll in Canada's continued growth and development.

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre reaches out to students through educational programs educating about history and inspiring future development in human rights. The Diefenbaker Canada Centre strives to preserve the legacy of human rights and the importance of history on the future. A home to political archives and exhibits, the Diefenbaker Canada Centre preserves a window into Canadian history and presents a door to the promising future.

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