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The Berry Barn Eatery

Berry lovers unite at The Berry Barn Eatery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is famous for its fabulous berry production. The Berry Barn is charming establishment that incorporates freshly grown berries into their home cooked cuisine.

Visitors are treated to fabulous Saskatchewan scenery in a quaint and cozy eatery and get the chance to experience a unique taste of Saskatchewan. The Berry Barn is a quaint picturesque building that accompanies a sprawling saskatoon berry orchard. The city of Saskatoon is named after this fabulous berry, a rich purple fruit that works well in savory and sweet cuisine. The Berry Barn incorporates this mouthwatering ingredient into their home style cuisine. Visitors can sample this famous fruit in dishes ranging from saskatoon pirogi to berry topped waffles and their famous saskatoon berry pie. This charming eatery and establishment also offers a gift shop where visitors can purchase berry products, jams, vinaigrette, dried berries and other local delicacies.

Visitors can relax in the charming atmosphere after a long day of exploring the Saskatchewan frontier and admire beautiful mountain and river scenery. A charming, relaxing place to explore and take home a taste of Saskatchewan.

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