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Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

Looking for speed and entertainment in Saskatoon? Race enthusiasts need look no further than the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

The Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is an oval high speed auto racing track that is home to Canada's finest stock cars. Spectators cheer on state of the art vehicles as they race down the speedway at breakneck speeds zooming to sensational victory and avert devastating crashes.

The Auto Clearing Motor Speedway premiered its inaugural season in 2006 and seats over three thousand guests. The Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is home to premier racing sporting events like the Nascar Canadian Tire Series. The Auto Clearing Motor Speedway features a state of the art track including asphalt drag straightaways and tight corners to challenge drivers and showcase the best of auto racing. Race enthusiasts can enjoy comfortable stadium seating and tasty concessions as they cheer their favored vehicles, drivers and sponsors onto victory.

The Auto Clearing Motor Speedway is an adrenaline filled entertainment destination that will entertain visitors and race enthusiasts from around the world. Add a little action to your next trip to Saskatoon and experience the speed and thrill of the race track and energize your next trip to Saskatoon.

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