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The beautiful city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a popular tourist destination. Located on the South Saskatchewan River, summers are warm and sunny while winters set the scene for a cozy getaway.

There is something for everyone in Saskatoon. History buffs will enjoy the famed Delta Bessborough Hotel and the city’s many museums and art galleries. Outdoor enthusiasts will find seemingly endless opportunities to explore their surroundings. Hiking, cycling, kayaking, golf, cross-country skiiing and ice skating are all popular activities. The sports fan can take part in Major Junior hockey, Canadian football and Lacrosse. May through September, racing fans will be thrilled by Saskatoon’s three motor raceways! In addition to the many well-maintained recreation areas and public parks, there is also a zoo which houses more than 80 species of animals, and an Aboriginal archaeological site to explore!

At night, downtown Saskatoon comes alive with activity. The city boasts a number of live theaters, including an opera house and children’s theater. Comedy clubs, movie cinemas and music venues are numerous, offering entertainment for all ages and interests. With so many great things to do, Saskatoon surely promises a vacation to remember!

There are lots of things to do in Saskatoon - here's just some of the more notable:

Travel to the world of Canada's First Nations indigenous people at Saskatoon's Wanuskewin Heritage Park .

Looking for excitement and life in the fast lane in Saskatoon, Canada? Travel to the Marquis Downs to enjoy one of Canada's premiere horse racing destinations.

Take an educational and “enlightening” trip to the Canadian Light Source Inc (CLS). This facility is Canada’s national research facility for synchrotron technology.

The Beaver Creek Conservation is an attraction located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the country of Canada.

Travelers to Saskatoon will find a trove of cultural treasures at the Museum of Antiquities on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan.

Gordie Howe Park is a gorgeous campground located in Saskatoon. It offers visitors to one of Saskatchewan's most popular tourist destinations a tranquil view of the natural beauty the city has to offer.

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum was founded in 1990. The Museum is located on the Pike Lake Highway just west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Looking for speed and entertainment in Saskatoon? Race enthusiasts need look no further than the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway.

Celebrate Canadian artists at Saskatoon's picturesque Mendel Art Gallery and Conservatory.

Step back in time and explore a bygone era at the Western Development Museum. The Western Development Museum is truly a unique destination.

Open a chapter in Canada's history and explore the Diefenbaker Canada Centre in Canada. A museum, exhibit, archives and research center in Canada, The Diefenbaker Canada Centre celebrates the influential legacy of Canada's prime minister, John G. Diefenbaker.

Experience a secret haven within the city and discover Meewasin Valley Centre in Saskatoon, Canada

Reconnect to Canada's diverse past and add a mesmerizing touch of culture to your day at the Ukrainian Museum in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Berry lovers unite at The Berry Barn Eatery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is famous for its fabulous berry production.

Golf enthusiasts revel in a natural paradise and hit the links against a stunning backdrop of prairie grass and sand dunes at the Dakota Dunes Golf Course in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Travel to the cosmos and unlock the secrets of the universe at the University of Saskatchewan's Observatory.

The University of Saskatchewan celebrates the geological wonders and Canada's rich natural history at the Geological Museum.

If the University of Saskatchewan Natural Sciences Museum draws such a huge number of visitors every year it's only because the museum serves a teaching resource.

The Meewasin Valley Authority is involved in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage resources.

The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is a truly one-of-a-kind place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

If you have been on the lookout for a great time at a raceway near Saskatoon, take a look at Saskatoon International Raceway.

The University of Saskatchewan is one of Canada great universities. The University of Saskatchewan was established in 1907 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

For travelers or tourist that have been looking for something to see and do in Saskatoon, look no further than the Persephone Theatre

Credit Union Centeris a large sports complex located in Saskatoon Canada. The complex was designed by Ferguson Folstad Friggstad and is conveniently located on the North side of the city’s entrance.

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