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Saskatchewan is a beautiful province in Canada that is often overlooked as a tourist destination. Saskatchewan has beautiful prairies and wildflowers in the spring and summer, and is a wonderful place to get away and relax.

The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina, and it is next to the province of Manitoba. Saskatchewan provides opportunities to view beautiful rivers and wildlife, while visiting some of the cities like Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert. Saskatoon is the largest city – it has a beautiful skyline and is located right on the river. It offers many hotels and inns as well as restaurants, and shopping.

The best time to visit Saskatchewan is in the summer, from June through August. Saskatchewan offers reasonable prices, wonderful cities, beautiful prairies and a lot of variety. The fishing in Saskatchewan is excellent with many lakes and rivers to choose from. You can even go ice fishing in the winters. In addition, tourists can visit other Canadian destinations at the same time simply by hopping on the train, arriving typically by air, or RVs and other sorts of vehicles.

Saskatchewan is a great place to go for some Canadian culture and a unique vacation.

Saskatchewan Cities of Note

The City of Regina, nestled in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is a cultural Mecca for aficionados of the arts, architecture and so much more. Regina is also a commerce center, being the second largest city in the province and is home to one million plus persons.

The beautiful city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a popular tourist destination. Located on the South Saskatchewan River, summers are warm and sunny while winters set the scene for a cozy getaway.

North Battleford is a city founded upon the establishment of a military base. The Battlefords area is rich in history, having once been the capital of the Northwest Territories! It was an important area in the famous rebellion led by Louis Riel.

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