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Sacramento River Rafting

The Sacramento River is the longest river in the U.S. state of California. Starting near Mount Shasta in the Cascade Range, the Sacramento flows 382 miles (615 kilometres) southwest through the northern Central Valley of California, between the Pacific Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada. Not far downstream of the confluence with the American River, the Sacramento (along with the San Joaquin River) forms the Sacramento River Delta and then flows into the northern arm of San Francisco Bay. Its chief tributaries are the Pit, Feather, McCloud and American rivers. The Pit River is the longest of these, but the Feather and American rivers carry larger volumes of water.

The beautiful Sacramento River begins in the high county of the Trinity Divide and flows south through the Central Valley. You can fish, boat, tube/float and swim in this great river. Wildlife viewing is spectacular along from a boat or from the river bank. Herons, egrets, raptors, ducks and other waterfowl are often seen.

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