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Rogue River Rafting

Whitewater Class - IV

The Rogue River is located in southwest Oregon. It begins in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness Area and in Crater Lake. The river runs through Grants Pass, Oregon and reaches the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon. The river runs 215 miles, of which 84 miles is a designated National Wild and Scenic River and 40 miles is in the remote canyon. The Rogue river is an ideal place for a wilderness rafting adventure.

The beauty, seclusion, wildlife, proximity to major population centers and playful rapids make a Rogue trip with Destination Wilderness a fun and rewarding experience.

The river, with its exciting class IV rapids, is popular among white-water rafters; it is also heavily used by jet boats, who carry 114,000 passengers a year on journeys covering up to 104 miles of the river's length. Both are regulated, with a permit system in place for rafters, but the increasing recreational use (federal river managers counted 700,000 visitors in 1991) has led to further limits on the section designated as Wild and Scenic.

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