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The City of Regina, nestled in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is a cultural Mecca for aficionados of the arts, architecture and so much more. Regina is also a commerce centre, being the second largest city in the province and is home to one million plus persons.

Established in the 1880s, the burgeoning metropolis was all but flattened around 1912 by a tornado of epic proportions. Undaunted, the Reginans rebuilt their city and by the time the Great Depression hit, Regina was a bustling city once again. Economically rebuilding after the Depression’s end, Regina today features magnificent buildings from the early 1900s, 1950s, as well as modern architecture. There are plenty of great reasons to visit Regina. There is a region called Lakeview where expansive mansion-like homes from the First World War through the 1920s are still standing in their impressive, stately glory. Regina's Germantown offers visitors a bit of Bavaria with an old-world flair. The West End, also deemed the Cathedral District, offers visitors a magnificent secular study in architecture and art from an era long passed. But perhaps one of Regina’s most intriguing areas to visit is affectionately termed The Warehouse District. Much as the name implies, this area used to be the receptacle of goods entering Regina via plane, train and truck. Nowadays it boasts some of the city’s most desired residences, upscale dining, and unique and exciting shopping experiences. Regina also boasts a number of museums, galleries, theatres, parks, sporting events, and even a casino.

As a travel and tourist destination, Regina is a place where one can go to nourish the spirit, soul, mind, body and do some incredible shopping. Place Regina, Saskatchewan on a list of “must see” places today!

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