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Primrose River Rafting

Thanks to the Coastal Mountain Range to the west, the Yukon's Primrose River runs through a gloriously bug-free, practically rainless microclimate with 85- to 90-degree summer temperatures and a constant tailwind off the glaciers. These mild northerly conditions make the Primrose an ideal river for an experienced family whose idea of roughing it includes sighting the Yukon's version of the Big Five (moose, bears, bald eagles, wolves, caribou) but draws the line at wearing a mosquito net 24 hours a day.

Starting in the Coastal Range the river flows from Primrose Lake into Kusawa Lake. The scenery and hiking are spectacular as the river cuts its way through the mountains. The whitewater section between the lakes are great fun and well worth the paddling. Below the waterfall is the start of a grade III to V, 5 kms canyon and the best whitewater of the trip.

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