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St. Joseph's Candler Health System

St. Joseph's Candler Health System 5353 Reynolds St. Savannah, GA (912)-819-6000

Smart Medicine and High Tech Treatments with St. Joseph’s Candler Health System in Savanna GA St. Joseph’s Candler Health System in Savannah GA, is the one and only faith based health care system in the entire region. It was established in 1997 as a result of the merging of the two legendary hospitals St. Joseph’s and Candler.

This health system anchored by the two main hospitals gained much popularity as it provides a unique array of skills and services to the patients. Besides being an expertise health provider, it is also accredited and honored as one of the top 100 Integrated Health care system with network accreditation status. St. Joseph’s and Candler Hospital, is the largest and oldest hospitals in the region noted for its outstanding comprehensive services. It is a renowned hospital located in Southeast Georgia that offers a wide array of health care services which includes the following specialties such as oncology, pulmonology, digestive diseases etc. Besides all these advantages, they offer high technologies and well equipped radio surgery treatments by which even the inoperable tumors can be removed without anesthesia and pain. In addition to these, they promote a variety of information programs to

improve the life styles of people and there by led a healthy life. Moreover, they are ready to extend financial assistance to the deserving patients. With their high technology treatment facilities, support of the expertise professionals, advanced and compassionate approach to the health and well being of the patients, they became the widely experienced and amazing health provider of the whole region.

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