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Savannah State University

Savannah State University
3219 College Street Savannah GA (912) 358-4778

Savannah State University has the distinction of being the oldest center for higher learning in its home city, and oldest public HBCU in Georgia. For 122 years, they have served their community, providing quality education to a population of ever-increasing diversity.

The campus is one of the most visually-stunning in the state, providing the perfect setting to pursue an education. The academic majors offered are varied, yet relevant to the needs of students today. Both graduate and undergraduate studies are available, including nationally accredited programs. The school is dedicated to not only educating their students, but enhancing their self worth, leadership, and social skills. There are sports for both men and women’s teams, and over 75 clubs and organizations to get involved in. General deadlines for admission are in July for Fall, November for Spring, and May for Summer semesters. Total enrollment stands at around 3,600 students. Financial aid is available, and more than 90 percent of the students receive some form of it.

Questions about admissions and other details can be accessed easily through the school website. Visit for more information.

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