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Savannah Quarters Country Club

Savannah Quarters Country Club 8 Palladian way Pooler, GA (912) 450-2288

The Savannah Quarters Country Club is located in Pooler, Georgia. It is conveniently located nearby the Savannah airport and major highway as well, making it easy to travel there.

The Savannah Quarters Country Club was founded in 2001 and offers several types of memberships. The country club offers many different activities, events, and also opportunities to host your own event at the Club, such as a reception or bridal shower. Some of the great amenities at the country club are a pool, a top of line golf course and shop, a Club restaurant with delicious Southern cuisine, and a gym.

One of the main features of the Country Club is the golf course, which has been described as a difficult course but there are opportunities for private or group golf lessons. This 18-hole course has been designed by George Norman, so it is quite unique. Not only golfers would enjoy the benefits of being a member at the Savannah Quarters Country Club though. There is a strong sense of community at the club and it is a great place to relax. For those who are very social, you can host a private event, or be a part of a club sponsored event, such as a pool party.

All in all, being a member of the Savannah Quarters Country Club is something you can't pass up.

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