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Savannah Music Festival

Savannah Music Festival 200 East St. Julian Street, Suite 601 Savannah, GA (ph) (912) 234-3378

The Savannah music festival is a musical event that takes place every year in the city of Savannah Georgia. It is especially famous for allowing its bands to play almost any kind of music in the world (from blue grass to south Asia) .

The music festival dates back to the 1950s and it is involved in helping to introduce new types of music to the city of Savannah Georgia. The Savannah music festival is not just about music. Organizations go to the music festival to practice activism.

Due to the great variety and diversity of music played at the festival it is quite successful for a music festival in Georgia. When it plays music it is one of the most visited festivals in the nation.

The Savannah music festival is a company that produces music and parades about once every year. Due to the great diversity of the music produced at the event, as well as a location in densely populated downtown Savannah the festival is quite successful when it occurs.

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