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River Street Market Place

River Street Market Place 502 East River Street Savannah GA (912) 220-9101

Located in the culturally rich city of Savannah, Georgia stands a superb and rustically constructed open air market known as the River Street Market Place. Once lined with aged wooden sheds, River Street is now the home to keepsake sake for the city.

This market place hones the likes of wonderful artisan vendors such as Ramos Jewelry Design, Port O Call T-shirts, Linda’s Belts Hat’s and More, as well as an array of unique eateries for visitors and residents alike. This city has been established as one of the most creative and artistically driven cities in the States today and nothing proves that statement more so than the construction of a matchless market place like the River Street Marketplace. From the memorable entrance and courtyard of the marketplace, to its brick and stone floors, this attraction is not only beneficial to the supporter of local artists and business, but those who can appreciate the aesthetic beauties of local architecture.

If you are a vacationer or even know this cit as your own, stop by the River City Marketplace and it is guaranteed to have a little something for everybody.

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