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Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum 460 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Savannah, GA 31401

The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum in Savannah, Georgia is the perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon in the Deep South. Dedicated to one of the greatest civil rights leaders of the 19th century, this museum encompasses the theme of integration so present in our society.

Situated conveniently 5 blocks south of Savannah’s Visitors Information Center and open from 9AM to 5PM, it’s impossible to miss out on this fantastic site. Located in one of the newer buildings of Savannah’s historic mystique, this small but memorable museum captures the essence of the 1860s and the freedom African Americans throughout the country sought to achieve.

Through photographs, a short introduction video, and a realistic environment, you will feel like you’ve been transported to a time over a hundred years ago. Previous visitors have raved especially about the lunch counter, where you “feel like you’re really there!” While there is no way that you can go wrong with any sight in Savannah, the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum has been named the smallest, yet positively the most interesting and inspiring museum in the city. Patrons rave that it “must be rated five stars”, and they’re “surprised it’s not more popular!” Though located far away from the city’s center, people say it’s well worth the walk, and that it’s “truly a special place”.

When touring Savannah’s haunted streets, don’t forget to stop into the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. However, make sure you have hours to spare, because you will never want to leave. Transport yourself to a completely different era, and relive the struggle and victory African Americans achieved in the 19th century. There is sure to be something for anyone, from the genuine lunch bar to the highly informative photographs and artifacts from the time period. Whatever sparks your interest, you will find hours of enjoyment and intrigue in one of Savannah’s finest museums!

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