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Davenport House Museum

Davenport House Museum
324 East State Street Savannah GA (912) 236-8097

The Davenport House Museum, located in downtown Savannah, Georgia, focuses on the preservation of historic homes in the city, and specifically the 1820 home of Isaiah Davenport and family as an example of that important work.

Restored and impeccably decorated, the Davenport House serves as an example of the excellent design and construction of the homes in historic Savannah. In addition to displaying a historic home, the museum also presents temporary exhibits. In 2004, the museum was awarded Museum Program of the Year by the Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries for its exhibit on yellow fever, Dreadful Pestilence and in 2005 was the recipient of the Preserve America Presidential Award for Private Restoration. The Davenport House is a 6,800 square foot brick home that was originally built to house a family. Most Savannah homes in the early 1800s were built from wood, and the Davenport House is one of Savannah's oldest brick buildings.

The House was originally purchased by the Historic Savannah Foundation in 1955 and fully restored and opened as a museum in 1963. For the past 50 years, visitors and residents of the city have been able to enjoy the House.

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