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Alix Baptiste Art Gallery

Alix Baptiste Art Gallery 1808 Georgia Avenue Savannah, GA 31401 (912) 441-0845

Alix Baptiste grew up in poverty, one of nine siblings, in Haiti. At the age of 21, Baptiste left Haiti and eventually moved to Savannah, Georgia, where his father and stepmother were living.

With the encouragement and backing of his stepmother, Baptiste began painting as a street artist. His early work as a street artist, painting for passersby, was very successful, and he was encouraged by his fans and mentors to move to space in Savannah's City Market. To this day, Baptiste can be found painting in the storefront window of his gallery in the City Market, the Alix Baptiste Art Gallery. Baptiste's work is colorful and evocative of both his Caribbean upbringing and, to some, the coastal region he has called home for the last several decades. Working primarily in acrylics, common themes in his work include nature scenes of his native Caribbean in bold, rich colors.

Baptiste's original paintings can sell for thousands of dollars, but he makes lithographs and prints of his popular works available at a much lower price. A visit to the Alix Baptiste Art Gallery to see these works in person is well worth the trip.

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