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Pooler, Georgia, which is part of the Savannah metropolitan area and the business center of Chatham County, is located 125 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida, and 8 miles west of Savannah, Georgia.

Pooler began as a railroad station in 1838 and was named after Robert William Pooler who was an employee of Central of Georgia Railroad. The city was also used by Union soldiers in the Civil War, specifically William Sherman and has a wonderful rich history. From these small beginnings, Pooler is positioning itself as a center for business and commercial development and drawing in several large companies.

With very low crime rates, a small town atmosphere, and the growing business and employment opportunities it is now becoming one of Georgia’s rapidly expanding cities. The population in Pooler, Georgia in 2010 was roughly 19,140 with 40% of the households having children under the age of 18. In addition, 65% of the population is married couples with the average age of an individual being 34 years. Most notably, the average household income in Pooler was roughly $66,000 in 2009 while the average household income for the same year was roughly $47,590. Hence the town consists mostly of families with children and affords those families an above average household income for the State of Georgia. This also supports the low crime rates found there.

Pooler, Georgia is easily accessible to Savannah State University, Armstrong Atlantic State University, South Carolina State University and Georgia Southern University. Therefore, there is a wealth of college sporting activities within easy driving range to partake in. Pooler is home to the Mighty Eight Air Force Museum, which has a great history of World War II’s Eighth Air Force. Nearby you will also find the Green Meldrim House, Savannah Victorian Historical District and the Nicholsonville Baptist Church. Don’t forget the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge which offers wonderful picnic spots and wildlife viewing areas.

Pooler, Georgia is very attractive to residents of Savannah seeking to live outside of the city yet still be within commuting distance. Pooler offers families and individuals a small town atmosphere with strong family values and low crime rates. Pooler has a wealth of historical sites and its roots go deep into American history. Pooler is also in close proximity to several notable universities for when those children grow up and go to college. Pooler also offers its residents all the advantages of living in a big city with Savannah being only 8 miles away. Come visit Pooler, Georgia! You may just decide to never leave.

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