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WonderWorks Works Wonders for anyone. For anyone who ever thought that Dolly Parton was the greatest wonder associated with Pigeon Forge, WonderWorks will come as an exciting surprise. This absolutely unique interactive science museum is guaranteed to turn your perceptions of Pigeon Forge upside-down in the best — and most literal— possible way.

It’s a Wonder True to its name, WonderWorks presents great wonders of Earth and space for you to see and experience through a kaleidoscope of modern technology. You know something special is afoot when the first sight you see is an 82-foot building that has apparently crash-landed, much like Dorothy’s farmhouse in “The Wizard of Oz,” only upside-down, and without causing a sudden decrease in the local witch population. It’s a Trip According to the official mythology, this building — the WonderWorks Institute — is a research center originally located in the Bermuda Triangle, manned by a team of brilliant, albeit cracked, scientists on a mission to create a man-made mega-tornado. The creation, however, got out of hand, tore the building from its moorings and carried it all the way to Pigeon Forge, where it plunged, head-first, into the old Music Mansion Theater. There it rests today, billed variously as “Tennessee’s only upside-down attraction” and “an amusement park for the mind.” It’s A-mazing.

Despite the descriptions, WonderWorks offers much more than the novelty of an upside-down building and challenges not only the mind, but the body, the senses and the imagination of visitors with over 150 interactive exhibits and a plethora of other attractions for everyone in the family. Here are a few of the wonders waiting for you at WonderWorks:

•Rewrite the laws of gravity in the Inversion Tunnel.

•Stand up to a 6.0 magnitude earthquake and face hurricane-force winds in the Disaster Zone.

•Scale the daunting indoor rock-climbing wall or ride our Extreme 360 Bikes in the Challenge Zone.

•Bring a space shuttle down to earth or pilot a fighter jet into the stratosphere in the Space Zone.

•Scale the giant rock-climbing wall.

•Have a swinging time on the world’s largest indoor ropes course.

•Create and ride your own virtual roller-coaster.

But all that is only the beginning. WonderWorks also offers virtual reality sports, a video arcade, a huge Lazer Tag arena, a 3-D sound lab, and… and… and… Well, sorry. It’s all just too much for us to list here. You’re just going to have to experience it all for yourself. So do yourself and your family a favor. Pack up the family buggy and hurry up to WonderWorks at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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