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Step back in time and explore the icy world of the infamous Titanic at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Everyone knows the story of the Titanic, a luxury liner thought to be unsinkable that perished in the icy Atlantic waters, but what they don't know is the untold stories and human voices of each passenger.

Learn about the unsung heroes of this tragic event and explore the Titanic in unprecedented intimate detail at Pigeon Forge's massive Titanic Museum. A museum of epic scale, The Titanic Museum is a two story architectural marvel designed as a half scale replica of the infamous RMS Titanic. Museum guests receive a passenger ticket chronicling the lives of one of the Titanic's ill fated passengers. Upon completion of the museum tour, guests discover whether or not their passenger survived or perished at sea.

The Titanic Museum provides an intimate and rare glimpse into human history and puts a human perspective on the Titanic's ill fated crew and passengers. The largest permanent Titanic exhibit in the world, guests are treated to a marvelous unique adventure. Museum visitors can admire actual artifacts from the Titanic as they explore the museum's many exhibits. Visitors can dip their hands into icy water and fill the cold chill of the air icy night that makes their Titanic experience come truly alive. Visitors can interact with live characters dressed in period costumes that creates a dynamic museum experience.

The Titanic is a relic of bygone era and a tragic event that haunts and sparks the imagination of visitors from around the world. Go beyond the Hollywood effects of Titanic and explore the forgotten lives and stories of extraordinary individuals. The Titanic Museum celebrates a memorable time in history that will delight visitors from around the world. The Titanic Museum is a dazzling unique interactive experience that visitors of all ages will treasure for a lifetime.

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