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American Oldies Theater

Travel back to a family friendly era in American entertainment at the American Oldies Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. A small intimate theater located in the charming town of Pigeon Forge Tennessee,

The American Oldies Theater hearkens back to a forgotten era of entertainment where flamboyant hosts introduced the talent with gusto, singers crooned beautiful tunes into the microphone and bands included brass players. The American Oldies Theater is an intimate theater that highlights a variety of talented artists and entertainers. You'll be treated to sixties era singers, comedians, musicians and performers that engage the audience and solicit audience participation. It's a family friendly locale that visitors of all ages will love. Grab a snack at the concession stand and enjoy a fabulous entertaining show.

For visitors who want a taste of American classic musics where the bandstand was king, they'll be delighted by American Oldies Theater. American Oldies Theater is a wonderful escape from the bustle of everyday life and treats visitors to an intimate and entertaining experience. Discover this hidden gem on your next trip to Tennessee and laugh out loud and stomp your foot to outstanding live American classic music.

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