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Penobscot River Rafting

Whitewater Class - IV - V

The Penobscot River is 350 mi (563 km) long, making it the second longest river in the U.S. state of Maine and the longest river entirely in Maine.

It rises in four branches in several lakes in the central Maine, and flows generally east. After the uniting of the branches, it flows south, past the city of Bangor, where it becomes navigable. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Penobscot Bay. It is home to the Penobscot people that live on Indian Island, Maine.

From the source of the West Branch to its confluence with the East Branch in Medway, is approximately 200 miles. The West Branch drains approximately 2,000 sq. miles in Somerset, Piscataquis, and Penobscot counties. Lakes such as Seboomook, Chesuncook and Pemadumcook are located along its course. The West Branch is a high quality large volume white water river which contains significant Class V stretches (below Rip). It also contains five of the forty rapids identified by the Maine Critical Areas Program as having statewide significance. All are class IV or V with the Cribworks being one of Maine’s most turbulent rapids.

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