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Peachland, British Columbia, Canada

Peachland is a district municipality in the Okanagan Valley, located on the west side of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. One of the main Peachland’s attractions is its beachfront that stretches along the shoreline of the lake. A construction project to add wider walking path was finished in 2008, providing more comfortable and organized pedestrian activities along the shore for locals and visitors. It is basically a small town that offers typical outback tourism fun.

Another important attraction is the Parrot Island Sanctuary. The birds in the sanctuary are either brought from homes that could no longer provide good care or found abandoned in the wild. Apart from getting close-up encounter with parrots and birds, the activities are mostly educational and children-friendly. Peachland is home to Zipzone Adventure Park, the highest zip-line in Canada and one of the highest in the world. Besides the outdoor activities in height, the park also offers more relaxed experience of quad bike tour, kayaking, and wineries.

Some people believe that the legendary mythical creature of Ogopogo lives in the lake. Ogopogo is often described as huge long dark animal with brown or gray skin. The head resembles that of alligator, sheep, horse, alligator, or snake. No one is really sure whether the creature actually exists. Stories of encounters or sights sound like Scotland’s Loch Ness monster. Eyewitnesses’ descriptions also vary; some say it has horns, others don’t. Unlike Loch Ness, however, many pictures that indicate the appearance of Ogopogo have been taken over the years. Among all lake monsters, Ogopogo (or what appears to be a monster) is best documented.

Peachland has made itself well-adapted to the needs of visitors. Although the entire area is relatively small at about 6 square miles, accommodations are actually good. Bed and Breakfasts establishments are available to keep travelers happy, camping ground along the lakefront is there for you to visit, private cabins are ready to keep you warm, and even renting houses are here too.

You can enjoy a number of tours in Peachland and experience the excitement of getaway fishing, ATV adventure, winery, and sport activities such as tennis, badminton, and yoga. Let us not forget that Peachland is located in a mountainside, making it warm throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter. Peachland also offers annual World of Wheels Show and Shine. Every year, more than 500 vehicles including classic cars, motorcycles, trucks, and boats are displayed and seen by over 10,000 visitors. The show started in 1997, and this year will be its 15th show so far.

Pineacre on the Lake

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