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Ottawa River Rafting

The Ottawa River is a Canadian river which for most of its length defines the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It rises from its source in Lake Capimitchigama in western Quebec, reaches the Ontario border at Lake Timiskaming, flowing southeast to Ottawa, where it tumbles over the Chaudière Falls and further takes in the Rideau River and Gatineau River.

etween the Chaudière Falls and Rideau Falls lies Parliament Hill perched atop a steep and militarily strategic gorge. The Ottawa River drains into the Saint Lawrence River at Montreal, forming Lake Saint-Louis. The length of the river is 1,271 km and it drains an area of 146,000 km².A river, about 1,271 km long, rising in the Laurentian Plateau of southwest Quebec, Canada, and flowing west and southeast in a V-shaped course to the St. Lawrence River near Montreal.

It was an important waterway for early fur traders and missionaries

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