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Orca Whales

Despite its size and common name "Killer Whale", the Orca is, in fact, the largest dolphin, and is more closely related to smaller dolphins than to the 'great' whales. Orca is found in all oceans and seas of the world, from the deepest waters to the coast.

Orcas have a striking colour combination: the main colour is black, but there is the addition of a grey 'saddle' behind the dorsal, and a brilliant white that covers three areas. The head is rounded, with an indistinct beak, inside of which are 10-12 pairs of large teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. The male Orca's dorsal fin is a tell-tale giveaway, being as tall as a man and shaped like a huge triangle.

Orcas are fearsome predators, known to hunt in pods to kill and eat seals, dugongs, fish, turtles, squid, seabirds, and even the massive Humpback and Blue Whales.

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