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Ontario, Canada! A magnificent land of lakes, birds, multi-cultural cities and of course stunning waterfalls, this Canadian province is not to be missed.

The typical visitor to Ontario is either headed to Toronto or Niagara Falls, which are both sure to please. Toronto delivers art, culture, shopping and fine dining encased in a historic yet modern cosmopolitan city. However, don't let the skyscrapers fool you, Toronto is home to Canada's largest botanical garden, a delight for everyone. With its unbelievable volume of water, Niagara Falls is awe-inspiring and should be on every North American must-see list. A ride on the Maid of the Mist is "de rigueur" as the French-Canadians say.

Go beyond these two stellar spots and let nature delight you. Boat rides, world class bird-watching, and even wine-tasting await just a few miles up the country roads of Ontario. Relax and soak in the baths at Le Scandinave or throw the dice at Caesar’s Windsor. Educational opportunities are everywhere, in museums and scientific collections located in towns such as London, Sudbury and Ottawa.

Wherever your itinerary takes you, amazement abounds in Ontario. Urbanites, nature-lovers and history buffs will all have countless activities at their fingertips. Don’t miss out on this adventure-filled Canadian province. Plan your visit today!

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