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Ride the Ranch

Ride the Ranch is a company located in Oakville, Ontario that provides horseback riding services for both children and adults alike.

The ranch has extremely professional staff that take time and effort to explain some of the rules and procedures. Safety is not taken lightly either. All of the appropriate helmets, shoes, etc. were provided as well and are mandatory. Riders are then selected a horse by a professional, depending on the experience of the rider.

Most riders find the trails at Ride the Ranch to be very relaxing and soothing rather than rough and stressful. When on the trails the horses are guided at a gentle pace. There are dispersed periods of jogging though that helps add a little energy and excitement to the trail. The trails are great for families with smaller children as well. An hour long ride provides kids with just a long enough experience to have fun but not get exhausted or bored. It is also a short enough time so that riders do not get stiff or cause any uncomfortable tensions.

Prices usually start at $40 for an hour which is a very reasonable price for the joy and excitement one can experience at the Ride the Ranch stables.

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