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Oakville Waterfront Festival

Ontario’s best summer music rings out along the shores of Lake Ontario each year at the Oakville Waterfront Festival. For three days every June, Coronation Park in Oakville, Ontario is packed with people enjoying music, games, crafts, food, and more.

Just south of Toronto along the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville is an ideal location for a festival. Within driving distance for many, Oakville has the feel of a getaway community for those coming from the city to enjoy the festival. The Oakville Waterfront Festival has been a tradition for nearly twenty years and has hosted many well-known and well-loved musicians. Several major bands and musicians played the Oakville festival long before they were famous. Alannah Miles and Tom Cochran are just two of the many who graced the stages at the festival. Families enjoy the festival’s many activities and attractions. Thrill rides, contests, shows and fireworks are among the many reasons to spend the full three days at the festival.

The Oakville Waterfront Festival has for many years been a source of magical memories for young and old alike.

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