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Oakville Place

Oakville Place is an sensational shopping center located in Ontario, Canada. Oakville Place is a dynamic indoor shopping center providing respite from Canada's cold weather and providing a memorable shopping experience.

Featuring over 450,00 square feet and over 98 merchants, the Oakville Place is the only shopping destination you'll need to make your next shopping trip a sensational success. The Oakville Place features a 700 seat comprehensive food court to provide a rich dining experience. Enjoy one of Oakville Place's frequent entertainment events and make your next shopping trip an event to remember. The Oakville Place features large department stores, a grocery store, charming boutiques and even a farmer's market. Conveniently located in a high traffic area, Oakville Place is your perfect shopping destination.

Oakville Place was recently voted one of the best shopping centers in Canada and applauded for its environmental achievements. Enjoy a terrific selection of shopping engagements, free wifi service, family friendly services, convenient parking food and lounge services, the Oakville Place will make your next shopping trip an absolute delight. Whether your looking for that perfect gift or treating yourself to a luxury shopping spree the Oakville place is your ultimate Ontario shopping destination.

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