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Oakville Museum

Step back in time and revisit Canada's grand beginnings at the Oakville Museum located in Oakville, Ontario. The Oakville Museum is a picturesque destination steeped in rich history located in a grand mansion and sprawling estate.

Situated on picturesque Lake Ontario, Oakville was formed in 1834 and was once the first port of entry into Canada. Oakville's founding father, a prosperous merchant named Colonel William Chisholm, built an expansive estate overlooking Lake Ontario. To preserve this cherished piece of history, the estate was transformed into the Oakville Museum. The museum is comprised of the grand Chisholm mansion, the Old Post Office, and the Custom House, along with the estate's beautiful grounds and gardens. The museum features artifacts, memorabilia of the Chisholm family and Oakville's history along with many fascinating exhibits.

The Oakville Museum chronicles Oakville's rich history and its impact on the development of Canada. Oakville was once a a stop on the underground railroad helping men and women escape the bonds of slavery. Explore all of Canada's unique history at this scenic estate. Visit the Oakville Museum and enjoy Lake Ontario's stunning scenery. Revel in a bygone era and take time to appreciate some forgotten history. The Oakville Museum inspires us with incredible stories of pioneering and courageous individuals who embolden our life's journey.

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