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Hershey Centre

Looking for hockey and world class entertainment in Ontario, Canada? Look no further than Ontario's phenomenal Hershey Centre. The Hershey Centre is a state of the art arena and sports complex that brings you the best hockey, sports and entertainment events in Ontario.

The dynamic Hershey Centre has served over four million guests to date and continues to delight visitors from around the world. The Hershey Centre is the proud home of the Mississauga Steelheads. The Hershey Centre features three state of the art NHL ice surfaces that services that has hosted all of the major league Toronto hockey teams.

In addition to hockey the Hershey Centre has hosted many outstanding sporing events, world league soccer, figure skating, football and gymnastics just to name a few. The Hershey Centre features a fully functional indoor soccer field, gymnasium, lounge and outdoor football field making the Hershey Centre the ultimate destination for premiere athletes and sports fans.

The Hershey Center is a state of the art entertainment and sports arena housing an impressive 5,500 to 7000 seats. The state of the art amenities make the Hershey Center the perfect destination for all of your entertainment and event center needs. Whether you're looking to enjoy a hockey game, enjoy a groundbreaking concert or you are looking for a place to hold your next event, the Hershey Center is guaranteed to deliver a memorable experience.

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