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Glen Abbey Golf Club

The Glen Abbey Golf Club in Canada, has been home to the PGA Tour more than a few times and has continued to give golfers an enjoyable, and luxurious experience.

The Glen Abbey Golf club opened more than 30 years ago, and is still in great condition. It is home to the Academies of ClubLink, the headquarters of Golf Canada, the Canadian Golf Museum and Hall of Fame, and the TaylorMade Performance Lab. At the 72nd hole of the Canadian Open, Tiger Woods hit the shot of the year, allowing him to win the PGA Tour by a single stroke.

Many events have taken place at the Glen Abbey Club, it is a hub for social activity. The Glen Abbey Club also has many shops that produce the best golfing equipment around, and even clothing such as, shirts, sweaters, pants, outerwear and other clothing. Needless to say the shops are a very attractive place for golfers and visitors alike. The Glen Abbey Club is an amazing place, where many historical events in golf have taken place. Club Link now offers membership benefits for 2013, don't miss out on a great offer.

Visit The Glen Abbey Club and experience one of Canada's premiere golf establishments.

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