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Exotic Car Tours located in Oakville, Ontario offers an experience of a lifetime. Driver’s dreams are brought to life when they are given the opportunity to test out some of the most expensive and exotic cars on the market.

The services that Exotic Car Tours provide include a 6-Hour Dream Car tour where you can experience the feeling of driving 5 different cars on the backroads of northern Toronto. Live the experience of driving a convoy estimated at $1 million dollars worth of vehicles. Throughout the drive there are particular checkpoints where drivers are allowed to rotate and test them all. Experts are also welcomed to test the speeds of these high performance cars. Exotic Car Tours provides vehicles with customized exhaust systems and Standard transmission. One track, named TMP is a high speed challenge track that allow one to reach speeds upwards of 200km/h. The staff and guides are all experts in the exotic car industry and can help with just about any problem or question.

This really is an amazing experience for any car enthusiast to experience the rush of operating several expensive and exotic cars.

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