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Oakville, Ontario is home to great events throughout the year that celebrate arts and culture.

The city hosts several events throughout the year. They hold the Downtown Oakville Jazz festival every August for the length of a weekend. It's several days of free performances from popular jazz musicians. Oakville also holds the Oakville Waterfront Festival every year, where they have amusement rides, foods and drinks, headlining bands, and a fireworks show at night. The city has a bustling art scene. Every year Oakville holds the 'For the Love of the Arts Festival' where local artists all get together to display art in paintings, sculptures, and performances. The city also holds an interesting event during the middle of July known as Midnight Madness. This exciting event allows for local vendors and merchandisers to show new products and host big sales, during which there are local artists holding street performances at various venues.

If you haven't already got the impression from their annual festivals, Oakville, Ontario is a city that celebrates the arts. They have multiple organizations that promote art and expression, whether you're interested in enjoying performance art or viewing paintings in the Oakville galleries, you'll surely be able to find the breaking edge of Canadian culture in Oakville.

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