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North Santiam River Rafting

The North Santiam River is a tributary of the Santiam River, approximately 90 mi (145 km) long, in western Oregon in the United States Of America. It drains an area of the Cascade Range on the western side of the Willamette Valley east of Salem. It rises in the high Cascades in eastern Linn county, northwest of Three Fingered Jack in the Willamette National Forest.

It flows north through the mountains past Marion Forks,. Near Mt. Jefferson it turns sharply west, descending through a canyon past Idanha, Detroit, and Gates. It emerges through the foothills into the Willamette Valley near Stayton, then flows briefly southwest past the valley where it joins the South Santiam River from the northeast to form the Santiam approximately 15 miles (aprox.24 km) southwest of Stayton. The confluence is approximately 10 miles(16 km) east of the confluence of the Santiam .

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