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North Carolina

From the Appalchian Mountains to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the state of North Carolina has a terrain that attracts millions of tourists each year. North Carolina has a long, rich history that brings with it an abundance of historical sites to experience.

North Carolina is home to the famous lost colony of Roanoke. Tourists may visit Roanoke Island and immerse themselves in an old mystery that still remains unsolved. Outer Banks is a narrow string of barrier islands just off the coast of North Carolina which has been a hot spot for tourists to vacation. With a temperate climate and the home of the Wright brothers first flight, the islands are sure to not disspoint. In Charlotte, NASCAR fans can visit Charlotte Motor Speedway while the avid shopper can find solice at the Concord Mills Mall. The state capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, is home to the University of North Carolina and has no shortage of attractions. Downtown Raleigh is full of historic buildings and museums. Don't miss the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel or the North Carolina Museum of History!

Come enjoy the adventures that in North Carolina and create memories that last.

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