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North Battleford

North Battleford is a city founded upon the establishment of a military base. The Battlefords area is rich in history, having once been the capital of the Northwest Territories! It was an important area in the famous rebellion led by Louis Riel.

Located in Saskatchewan Canada, it is a great place to go for vacation. Temperatures range from cool to hot in the summer, and in the winter allows for significant snow fall.There is also Jackfish lake just a short drive out of town. Getting to North Battleford is easy as it's just a short drive away from the international airport in Saskatoon SK.

North Battleford is perfect for both summer and winter sports or activities. This destination allows for fun times during the entire year.

Having a lake nearby allows for boating, water skiing, and relaxation. Fishing is world renowned as there are Perch, Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike, and other popular species to catch summer or winter! There are also outdoor clubs and activities that can range from rock climbing to mountain biking. Summers are perfect for camping with the Battlefords Provincial Park.

Winter offers a great deal of options too. There's skiing, both downhill and cross-country. Table Mountain offers the best of Saskatchewan skiing and attracts visitors from throughout the province and beyond. Cross country skiing is extremely popular and there are miles of trails to explore. Other popular winter sports are snow shoeing, and ice fishing. Snowmobiling is a very popular activity in the winter with lots of clubs and groups offering rallies.

All in all North Battleford is a grand vacation hotspot, that offers a ton of enjoyment for the entire family, no matter what time of year. Easy to get to and quite affordable allows for maximum enjoyment of the outdoors particularly for those that need to stretch their dollars a little farther.

Saskatchewan is a fun and family friendly area that will have visitors returning again and again to this jewel of the north.

Area Hotels:

Gold Eagle Lodge

12004 Railway Ave E · North Battleford · SK · S9A 3W3 · (306) 446-8877

Our hotel opened on October 12th, 2006 and is considered to be the finest accommodation in the entire region.

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