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Most people don’t consider Missouri when planning their vacations, but this state is much more than just a set of borders to pass through while travelling somewhere else. Missouri is full of friendly people, great companies and good food, in addition to wonderful destinations. Whether you spend time camping in the Ozarks or catch a Cardinals game in St Louis, there are wonderful places to visit across this state.

One very common tourist destination is Branson, Missouri. This is a wonderful, family-friendly place that makes for a great vacation. Another site that you will see advertised on billboards, truck sides and barn roofs in Missouri is Meramec Caverns. This beautiful cave system is full of not just natural wonders, but colorful history. Between the two places is Barrels Of Fun. This is the largest cooperage (barrel maker) in the world. Not only can you take a tour of the barrel factory, but you can also taste and purchase wines from winemakers all over the world who use their barrels.

Missouri is full of beautiful sites, friendly people and great food. Whether you are looking for fun, education or adventure, there is something for everyone. Missouri is well worth adding to your list of possible destinations the next time you plan your family trip.

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